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Accesorii utile pentru kendama realizate de Sweets Kendamas.

  • 169,00 lei

    NAKO 2021 Swag Bag

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    Given to all competitors for competing in the 2021 North American Kendama Open Includes: NAKO Kendama BOOST Shape Rubber Wood Natty Custom Engravings NAKO Bandana NAKO Dama Claw NAKO Braided Bracelet NAKO clip on lense Fisheye Wide Macro SKF Sticker NAKO Sticker Lotus Kendama Keychain Active Kendama Keychain
    169,00 lei
    169,00 lei
  • 59,00 lei

    Coop Strap – Kendama Holster The official Coop Strap now available for the masses! Cooper Eddy started designing his own kendama holsters a while back to create the perfect dama carrying solution. Until now they have all been hand made by Coop. We are excited to have connected Cooper with our factory to create these amazing holsters from his design Available in Black or White A message from Coop: “There’s been a lot of trial and error, but my straps are finally being mass produced for the world! You can now get your hands on the most stylish kendama holder ever. I’m so excited to see everyone wearing theirs! Thank you all! ??” Designed By Coop  *KENDAMA NU ESTE INCLUSA*
    59,00 lei
    59,00 lei
  • 39,00 lei

    Dama Claw – The Kendama Wall Hook

    We have been searching for years to find the perfect way to display our kendama collections.  Racks look great but can only hold a few damas. Shelves can be expensive or hard to instal. Older options don't fit new gen shapes.  We needed something modular. Something affordable. And something that worked well...  We needed THE CLAW. Perfect for home, at the office, or even in your car!  Dama Claws can be used in 2 differnt ways depending on your personal style.  They can also be mounted using the included adhesive backing, or nailed to the wall for a more permanent feel.  Each Dama Claw includes: 1 Custom Printed Dama Claw Dama Claw wall plate 3 Nails 2-sided adhesive strips Watch our video to see how easy it is to start using your Dama Claw!
    39,00 lei
    39,00 lei
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