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  • 199,00 lei

    LEGAXIS – Monoline

    Kendama is a heritage which must be passed on to the next generation (LEGACY) and the “LEGAXIS” is the Kendama that will be the AXIS on which this mission is accomplished. GLOKEN and Yonemura Woodworking have teamed up to produce this brand new competition Kendama. Over the course of a year, we updated the Kendama, reviewing every detail, keeping “Without evolution, there is no future” as a theme in mind. Every part of the Kendama was designed with the intention of making play easier. The balance in the shape was especially revamped, to create an exquisite, all around Kendama that is honed for every trick, a shape unlike ever before. It is a Kendama that will deliver joy to players around the world from being able to do tricks they have never been able to do. Stay tuned for further updates regarding specifications.   -Monoline "Monoline" is the basic line of LEGAXIS. Ken and tama is made out of hard maple with high durability. Tama with one line engraved with laser painted with Steam Coating which improves tracking. It is the minimum design necessary for play.
    199,00 lei
    199,00 lei
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