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    239,00 lei

    Liad Kotlarker PRO MODEL KENDAMA

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    The MERKABA Pro Mods are finally here! The #liadmod designed and defined by the one and only Liad Kotlaker from Israel! Highest quality Maple wood and the newest BigBrother Phase2 with the fresh basecup hole for some extra loonablity. The Fibonacci spiral is engraved in the Big Cup and represents perfection and the connection between Kendama and everything else in life. The Tama Colors and the middle stripe reflect Liad’s sense for clean and simple things and tennis. Handpainted and finished with our incredible Rhino Clear, all made in Tel Aviv by Biko. Matching the tama design, we 360° engraved the cups for better stalls and a nice complete look of the Kendama. Improved wood quality and durability! High-quality maple wood Minor shape adjournments to match every playstyle! Basecup hole New 360° cup engraving Bearing – upgraded bead Rhino Clear Limited quantity.
    239,00 lei
    239,00 lei
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