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  • 219,00 lei

    Haley Bishoff Pro Model v2 – Desert – #BISHMOD ?

    The Haley Bishoff Pro Model V2 Kendama is a transition from the mountains and trees of the Northwest, to the deserts of the Southwest. Haley's Pro Model is made of maple wood and designed on the Shift ken shape. The tama is a clean salt white canvas with 3 different color stripes that pop for tracking. We've coated this model with our Kusa silk paint which provides the perfect amount of grip. The custom artwork on the ken includes cacti under the slip stop, the OG Tribute logo on the base cup, and of course Haley's signature along the ken. This version of the Bish Mod has an additional SHCL tribute to a Kendama pioneer who positively changed the lives of many around the world: Dave Mateo. Spike Hard Catch Low Forever. ? Pick yours up today and support the most veteran and influential female Kendama player in the game. The Haley Bishoff Pro Model Features: Made of Maple wood Shift Ken Shape Triple Stripe Design Tama Silk paint for maximum control Custom artwork on the handle and base cup Strung with KUSA bearing
    219,00 lei
    219,00 lei
  • 219,00 lei

    Nobu Nori Pro Model Kendama – #LILMATCH

    The Nobu Nori Pro Model, aka #LILMATCH mod, is as refreshing as it is honed. This Kendama features a crisp yellow and blue wave around the tama inspired by one of Nobu’s favorite soft drinks in his home country, Japan. There is also a white dot on top of the tama for precision tracking. Coated in kaizen silk paint, the beechwood #NOBUMOD tama is paired with a maple Shift Shape ken. The sarado features a magatama design in the small cup, plus a tracking mark design under each cup. Nobu is the first Japanese Kendama USA pro, ever. His pro model represents his style, country, and passion for Kendama. A portion of every sale goes to directly support Nobu Nori himself. Maple wood, SHIFT Shape ken Beechwood tama Tracking dot on top of the tama Blue and Yellow silk paint color tama design Custom wave design on the Ken with tracking points under the cups Each Pro Model includes an extra long replacement string, spinner bearing, instructional guide, stringing tool & custom pro stickers.
    219,00 lei
    219,00 lei
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