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We are incredibly excited to release #tiblexmod 2.0 designed by our pro player Terteleac Tiberiu.

The Terteleac Tiberiu Pro Model 2.0, aka #tiblexmod 2.0 features the all new exclusive hollowcore Spark Shape maple wood ken. With engravings similar to his previous pro model, the serado is written with „TIBLEX” and 18 on the big cup representing his birthday. New on this version is the word „TAP” around the hollow core balance hole signifying Tiblex’s favorite trick.

Made of maple wood, the tama design is a 70/30 split with tracking featuring a vibrant red and orange fade on top follows with a black stripe, and a 30% white surface on the bevel. Top off with a yellow tracking dot on the enhanced string hole.

Tiblex chose simplicity yet practical to assure every players’ fulfillment when playing his pro mod.
Active Spark Shape ken
61mm tacky maple wood tama
Hollowcore Basecup
12 fingers calm blue string with bearing bead
Box include extra string/spinner bead, string tool, Active sticker
Add a bandana to your order! All proceeds go to non-profit organization.


We are proud to finally introduce you to the new Spark Shape. With the hard work from designing and testing, the result is absolutely awesome.

With a modern feel, the cups and stalls are significantly bigger.
Unlike the V4 Elite shape, we gave the ken a wider form while keeping it slimmer at the intersection of the sword with the sarado. That allows you to have good grip on the ken and enjoy easier slingers at the same time.

The unique feature of the Spark Shape: The hollow core design. As you may know, balance hole makes kendamas better for lunars by reducing weight from the basecup. The problem with having the basecup hole at the surface will reduce the momentum of the ken when doing kenflips, taps and slingers, not to mention difficulty for any finger tricks. With the hollow core design, we drilled a bigger balance hole, and covered the surface while leaving an empty space inside the ken. This gives you an all-around ken shape for all players.

With the bigger ken shape, we also increase the tama size to 61mm, to complement the overall playability.

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