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Eclipse is a great kendama for all kind of tricks. It is easy to achieve almost any trick. And also very stable to make gunslinger, lunar and axe which is very popular now.

Tama:Ash 60mm
Ken Height: 16.8 cm
Sarado width: 7.5 cm
Big cup: 5.05 cm
Small cup: 4.85 cm
Base cup: 4 cm

Parker has design three special point for Eclipse.
1. 8 degree of acute angle: Acute angle will make you feel like a blade slash at a hole when doing axe trick.
2. A line to remind the position: Saradou on top of the ken handle will fall down after long time of play. Eclipse has a circle on ken handle which is right below saradou. When the saradou’s position is above the line, it means it’s easier to make almost every trick. But if the saradou’s position is on top of the line or below the line, it will be easier to make lunar trick.
3. Sweet point for inward axe: The special design depth of slip grip ring shape on ken handle, allows you to achieve some special trick that other kendama can’t do.

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