Kaizen – Shift Shape – Species – Flamingo

Kaizen – Shift Shape – Species – Flamingo

35,76 $

Swoop in with the Kaizen Flamingo! The Shift Shape Ken paired with our Super Stick Kaizen paint will guarantee all of your tricks a safe landing. Take it a step further with the Kaizen tracking logo! Aim and lock-in a perfect bird right before you spike! The Kaizen Flamingo Kendama features a powdery pink and mint blue tama with a navy blue stripe.

Product Features:
• Shift Shape Ken
• Tama Coated with Kaizen Super Stick Paint
• Made of High-Quality European Beech Wood
• Large Cups for Insane Playability
• Arched Cup Rims to Lock-in Stall Tricks
• Increased Ken and Tama Size from Our 2.0 Shape
• Chiseled Slip Stop for Precision Stalls

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