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“It doesn’t involve strength, it involves skill. If you can teach someone to use skill to control the world around them, you can change their whole life.”
— Seth Godin

Simpla, dar super atractiva. Pendama este un pix functional 100% cu care poti face diferite trick-uri. Poti incepe prin a incerca sa pui capacul pe pix. La inceput va parea imposibil, dar odata ce vei reusi vei fi ssuper entuziasmat si gata sa avansezi si sa incerci trick-uri tot mai grele.

The Pendama is a highly addictive skill based fidget toy based on the ancient Japanese pastime, the Kendama. The Pendama is a personal challenge that improves hand-eye coordination, fuels creativity, and tests the mental and physical perseverance of the Pendama player. Because it functions as a pen, you can bring it to school, the office or wherever you'd like! The Pendama an be simple at first, yet becomes complex the more you improve. A simple search of #Pendama on Instagram will show you the impossibilities that have become realities with this game and it's skilled players.


Natural Wood Design
Silk Rubber Painted Cap
Black Ball Point Ink Pen Insert
Balanced Cap & Pen for Advanced String Tricks
Micro Bearing Bead to Avoid String Tangle

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